Tournament Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW – Please review prior to arriving

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  • Veteran’s Memorial Park  – 941 Vander Avenue, York PA 17403
  • 8 Court Outdoor Pickleball Complex


  • Is available directly across the street from the courts at York Catholic HS and the York Ice Rink
  • Look for tournament parking signs and parking attendants will be available for assistance

Schedule of Play & Player Check-in

  • Men’s Doubles – Saturday starting @ 8:30 AM
  • Women’s Doubles – Saturday starting @ approximately 12:00 Noon
  • Mixed Doubles – Sunday starting @ 9:00 AM
  • Player check in desk will open 1 hour prior to the morning event starting time. This will be 7:30 AM on Saturday and 8:00 AM on Sunday
  • Players need to check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your event starting time. On Saturday, this will be 8:00 AM for Men’s Doubles and 11:30 AM for Women’s Doubles
  • On Sunday, this will be 8:30 AM for Mixed Doubles

What to Expect

  • At check in, you will receive a polyester T-Shirt in the size you indicated on the registration form and a player welcome bag
  • Bottled water, sports drinks, snacks and fruit will be available at no cost to players
  • Some food trucks may be available on the grounds
  • Portable toilets and a hand wash station will be available on the grounds
  • Picnic tables and Pop-up Canopy tents will be available on the grounds. Please bring along your personal, portable chairs

Format of Play

  • Format of play is Round Robin
  • Minimum of 4 teams required to run individual bracket. Less than 4 teams will be combined with another age group
  • With 4 teams in bracket, play will be double round robin. With 5 to 7 teams in a bracket, play will be single round robin
  • With 8 or more teams in a bracket, it will be split into Group A & B and play double round robin
  • In single round robin, Win/Loss record will determine Gold, Silver & Bronze winners
  • In double round robin, 1st place team in each Group will play 2nd place team in opposite Group. The winners will then play for Gold/Silver and losers will play for Bronze medal
  • Tie breakers in single round robin will be head-to-head winner. In double round robin, head-to-head winner, then points allowed in head-to-head and then total points allowed in all games
  • Three (3) levels of medals will be awarded in each bracket

Entering Court for Play

  • No food or drinks are allowed on the courts
  • DO NOT cross behind the court while a game is in play
  • WAIT for break in play to cross and then cross quickly and proceed to your assigned court
  • When playing on courts 7 or 8, please go outside of fence and enter through gate at corner of court 8
  • Once both teams have entered the court, a 3-minute warm up will be allowed. Please do not abuse this time allotment as this very important to help keep play moving along to minimize player wait times
  • No warmup play is allowed on empty courts prior to your court assignment

Game Details

  • All USAPA rules of play will apply
  • Franklin X-40 ball will be used
  • Game & court assignments will be announced over PA system
  • As soon as your game is announced, one player from each team report to the scorer’s table
  • There you will be provided 1 game ball for each team for warm-up, scoresheet & pencil & a 1st server wristband
  • 1st server wristband must be worn by the 1st server for each team. The 1st server may be switched for each new game
  • Service determination – Each scoresheet will have a 1 or 2 written on the back. One team will pick # 1 or #2, if correct they get choice of serve or side. If incorrect, other team gets choice
  • One – 2 minute timeout will be awarded per team per game. PLEASE don’t abuse this time allotment
  • All games will be played to 11 points, win by 1 point. Switch sides at 6 points
  • If a “Ball” from another court is called during play, play stops and the serve is taken over
  • Positive, good sportsmanship is requested by all players and is the key for everyone having fun. Make fair, decisive line calls and resolve any disagreements quickly and fairly. Any disagreements that cannot be resolved should be immediately brought to the attention of a tournament official for assistance

Completion of Game

  • Once play is complete, one player from the winning team fills out the scoresheet and returns it on the clipboard along with the game balls to the scorer’s table. Please do this immediately to help keep the flow of play moving along. We appreciate your attention to this request
  • Bracket schedule and results sheets will be kept updated at the scorer’s table. They will also be posted on the white board by the scorer’s table for players to view

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