League Information

  1. Playing in the league is a commitment to your partner and to the other teams and players. Keeping this in mind, please be conscious of this when considering whether or not to participate. If you do decide to participate, please make sure you have reviewed your personal schedule to ensure that you do not have multiple conflicts on the evenings of your scheduled event play – (Singles – Monday, Women’s Doubles – Tuesday, Men’s Doubles – Wednesday, Mixed Doubles – Thursday).
  2. Registration will only be available on-line by accessing our WRPA League website @ https://yorkpickleball.org.
  3. A roster of all league players with their contact information will be developed and be available on our website and will be emailed to all registered participants.
  4. There will of course be unexpected exceptions to statement (1) above, but hopefully these will be minimal. In the case that you or your partner are unable to play on any certain week, it is your responsibility to contact the players you were scheduled to play and inform them of such with ample advance notice. It will also be your responsibility to then re-schedule to play that match on an agreeable date & time. Failure to give advance notification to your opponent or to not re-schedule the match in a timely manner, may result in the subject match being forfeited. All rescheduled matches will need to be completed by the last week of league play.
  5. If you know well in advance of a scheduling conflict, you may request that opponent to play more than one league match on the same evening.
  6. If a scheduling conflict arises that cannot be resolved between the two parties, please contact a Competition Committee member for advice/assistance.
  7. A league round robin schedule will be developed listing which players (singles) or teams (doubles) are scheduled to play each other on each particular league date. This schedule will be expected to be followed with minimal exceptions, keeping in mind items (1 & 4) above. This schedule will be listed on our league website (yorkpickleball.org) in the notebook stored in the deck box and will also be emailed in advance to the registered participants.
  8. The League notebook will be stored in the big deck box. It is the responsibility of the winning team players to record the match results on the appropriate scoresheet in the notebook at the completion of a match each week.
  9. While we expect the league play to be competitive in nature, above all, the league is intended to be a fun, enjoyable time playing and interacting with your fellow league members. Please always be considerate of your partner and other league participants at all times.

WRPA Competition Committee members:

Denny Brenneman – Jeff Puglese – Darrel Peters – Deb Lyden –  Josh Forsythe.